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The Ramfeed Slicer

Razorback Ramfeed Slicer

Introducing the Razorback Equipment Ramfeed Meat Slicer, a powerful and reliable solution for precision meat slicing in your food processing or deli operation. Designed with efficiency and versatility in mind, this cutting-edge slicer offers exceptional performance and user-friendly operation.

The Razorback Equipment Ramfeed Meat Slicer combines the latest technology with robust construction to meet the demands of high-volume slicing. Its sleek and durable design ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding commercial environments. With this slicer, you can achieve consistent and uniform slices of various meats, from succulent ham to flavorful roast beef.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art reciprocating ram mechanism, the slicer ensures controlled and accurate slicing. The operator simply loads the meat onto the tray, aligning it with the precision-engineered blade. The ram feed system smoothly and precisely advances the meat towards the blade, allowing for effortless slicing at the desired thickness. This mechanism guarantees consistent results with every slice, ensuring your customers receive the perfect portions they expect.

The Razorback Equipment Ramfeed Meat Slicer offers adjustable slice thickness settings, giving you the flexibility to cater to different preferences and requirements. Whether you need thin slices for deli sandwiches or thicker cuts for gourmet platters, this slicer allows for precise adjustments, ensuring optimal slicing results every time.

Safety is a top priority, and the Razorback Equipment Ramfeed Meat Slicer is built with comprehensive safety features. The slicer includes a sturdy blade guard and an interlock system that ensures the blade remains covered when not in use. This protects your operators from potential accidents and promotes a safe working environment.

Easy to clean and maintain, this slicer simplifies your operations. Its removable parts and smooth surfaces facilitate quick and efficient cleaning, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The slicer's construction also ensures durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

The Razorback Equipment Ramfeed Meat Slicer is designed to enhance your slicing processes, providing speed, precision, and reliability. Invest in this cutting-edge slicer to streamline your operations, improve productivity, and deliver consistent, high-quality meat slices that will exceed your customers' expectations. Experience the power of precision slicing with the Razorback Equipment Ramfeed Meat Slicer.

Unleashing Slicing Mastery with the Razorback Ramfeed Slicer!

Introducing the Razorback Ramfeed Meat Slicer: The Ultimate Slicing Powerhouse!

Unleash Precision Slicing: Experience the pinnacle of slicing perfection with our state-of-the-art reciprocating ram mechanism. Achieve consistent, razor-sharp slices of succulent meats every time, impressing your customers with impeccable presentation.

️ Turbocharge Your Efficiency: Say goodbye to slow slicing! Our Ramfeed Meat Slicer is engineered for high-volume operations, effortlessly slicing through a variety of meats. Boost productivity and meet demand without compromising on quality.

Safety First, Always: Your operators' safety is our top priority. Our slicer features a robust blade guard and an interlock system, ensuring maximum protection during operation. Focus on efficiency and peace of mind while safeguarding your team.

Built to Last: We understand the demands of the food industry, which is why our Ramfeed Meat Slicer is built with durability in mind. Its sturdy construction and easy maintenance guarantee years of reliable and efficient slicing performance.

Versatility Redefined: From tender hams to juicy roast beef, our slicer handles it all. With adjustable slice thickness settings, you have the flexibility to cater to diverse customer preferences. Elevate your menu offerings and captivate taste buds with precision slices.

Elevate Your Slicing Experience: Join the ranks of industry leaders who rely on the Razorback Ramfeed Meat Slicer for unmatched slicing excellence. Upgrade your operation, maximize efficiency, and exceed customer expectations with every slice.

Don't settle for anything less than perfection. Step up your slicing game with the Razorback Ramfeed Meat Slicer. Contact us today to experience the slicing revolution firsthand. Your journey to culinary greatness starts here!


At Razorback Equipment, our mission is to revolutionize the meat slicing experience with our Ramfeed Meat Slicer. We are dedicated to providing food processing and deli businesses with a high-performance slicing solution that combines precision, efficiency, and safety. Our goal is to empower our customers to deliver consistent, perfectly sliced meats that meet the highest standards of quality and presentation. With our innovative technology and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to enhance slicing processes, optimize productivity, and contribute to the success of our valued clients in the food industry.

Razorback Model R slicer is a Ramfeed Slicer used in instrial meat packing plants worldwide
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